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Want a Waterfront Home? Can’t Afford it? Become a Liveaboard. This blog is all about you, your family and your dog living aboard a boat. I welcome the curious, the beginner, and the experienced boater. This blog is filled with valuable Tips, Guides, and Articles, related to living aboard and the liveaboard lifestyle. My primary goal is to offer step-by-step information and articles for those families with pets who wish to live “The Good Life” and become permanent liveaboards.

If you have ever contemplated life aboard without maintaining a home on land, or have already made the decision to do so, this is the site for you. You will discover, as we did, that living on a boat is truly “The Life”.

If you’re new to the idea of living on a boat, finding all the information you need in one place was almost impossible – until now. Here you will find a guide to give you information directly from a family that gave up being landlubbers in 2001 have been living on our boat ever since. Living aboard is wonderful; dogs are great. They go well together and I hope I can make it happen for you, your family, and your family dog.

There are as many attractions to the living aboard lifestyle as there are downsides. Most boats are much smaller than nearly all houses, and depending upon the time of year and where you dock your boat, can be exposed to bad weather. Liveaboard boats also require special adaptations and maintenance skills. However, they are mobile, provide water access, and combine recreation, transportation, and housing costs all in one.

With the high cost of housing anywhere near the water, a liveaboard lifestyle is becoming more and more popular not only with Americans, but with people around the world. Whether you opt to buy a new boat or one in need of repair or restoration, or whether you choose to keep that boat at a private marina or a municipal facility, you will find that live aboard are unique people coming from diverse backgrounds.

I can be the conduit for potential as well as new liveaboards by starting you off with the basics and, hopefully, build upon those bare bones until the liveaboard lifestyle is within the reach of all those who dream. Keep in mind the realization of that a dream is also an adventure.

For complete information and product recommendations about how to achieve the liveaboard lifestyle see my website


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